Baker's Plays

They want to help you create theatre. You can start by searching their extensive online catalogue, and if you cannot find the title you need, simply let them know, and they will try to get it for you. You can purchase our Fairy Tale Courtroom through Baker's Plays.

Baker’s Plays
c/o Samuel French, Inc.
45 W. 25th Street
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 866-598-8449
Fax: 212-206-1429


Klyde Warren Park
Every third Saturday, monthly. Open to all.

Perot Museum
Seasonally, during Discovery Days. Open to all.

Junior Players

This is a company I have worked with since 1987. I've been a teacher for after school drama and creative writing classes, was the program coordinator for one season, and I connected them to the Dallas Shakespeare Festival in 1992, when they formed a wonderful lasting relationship where Jr. Player's veteran young actors present a full Shakespearian show every year using the Shakespeare in the Park stage and resources.

I currently work Summers as an Integration Specialist with them, integrating the arts into education to teach core curriculum.

Junior Players
4054 McKinney Ave #104
Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 214-526-4076

Arts Partners
With a mission to make imagination a part of everyday learning Big Thought fosters programs throughout Northern Texas that seek to impact those on a city, home, school, and community level. These creative learning systems are built around a group of partnerships with over 100 community arts and cultural organizations as well as the City of Dallas and the Dallas Independent School District. Big Thought programs reach 300,000 children, families, and teachers annually and deliver more than one million hours of individual creative instruction and programming each year.

The National Young Audiences office helps the broad network of Young Audiences affiliates play a decisive role in all young people’s education and development. Young Audiences envisions a future in which the nation’s children and youth will have the opportunity to engage in quality arts learning experiences that nurture creativity, build cultural understanding and enhance the development of their learning and life skills.

Players Press/Empire Publishing

Our Cinderella vs the Stepfamily and Shakespearian Shorts are available through Players Press.

Players Press
P.O. Box 1132
Studio City, CA 91614-4980

From Dana Proulx-Willis

Fairy Tale Courtroom

Guilty or innocent? Only you can decide! The Big, Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch are put on trial for bopping from fairy tale to fairy tale trying to prevent the public from living happily ever after.

The audience is the jury in this comedy the whole family will enjoy.

Cinderella vs. the Step Family

A Fairy Tale Courtroom event. Cinderella: Innocent victim or spoiled brat? The Step Family: Downtrodden family struggling just to make ends meet, or conniving females out to take what they can get? Who is really to blame?

In this Civil Suit, the audience decides who should be rewarded and who should be punished.

Shakespearian Shorts

A trilogy of classic Shakespeare; Tragicomedy with a twist:
• Hamlite: 95% less dialogue than ordinary Shakespeare,
  but all the action and death.
• Rome and Julie: A Tale of two cross-eyed lovers.
• MacBooth: Would you like friars with that?

Coming Soon! (Unpublished Works)

The Giant vs. Jack: A Fairy Tale Courtroom Event. What happened after the beanstalk incident? Is Jack a victim of circumstance or an opportunistic little thief? Is the Giant an evil ogre or just a misunderstood big lug? And who is the mysterious Beanseller, anyway?

Your vote counts to make sure justice is served!

Works from Dana Proulx-Willis:  Cinderalla vs The Step-Family, Fairy Tale Courtroom, Shakespearian Shorts