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Dana Proulx-Willis

Telephone: 214-460-0063


From Big Thought Learning Partner Surveys
"She is a storyteller with a special flair. The students loved the story and the retelling which involved them."

"Exceeded expectations. She was just amazing and had every student mesmerized."

"This was amazing. She had no little or no props and still made the stories come to life."

"The story complimented our lesson plan. Kids were fully engaged and loved every minute. Everyone was involved."

Other Testimonials
"What she does with the kids is beautiful. The experience the story firsthand, so they remember it."
-- Linda, FUMC VBS Leader

"Having seen Dana work as both teacher and performer, she has a unique talent for grabbing students attention and keeping it. Taking them on a fun filled, educational ride to magical places. Dana is great with all ages and multiple disciplines in drama, music, storytelling and media. My students love to have her visit and enjoy every second of their time with her!"
-- Matt Krause, Principal, Mary Immaculate School

Fairy Tale Courtroom production and Renassiance Festival